The vChain team released today the new version of CodeNotary. CodeNotary 1.1 brings new and exciting features to the CodeNotary Dashboard. With a focus on improving the user experience as well as providing more information on signed assets, this release gives to the CodeNotary users a new set of tools for better analysis and insights and a more intuitive user interface.
CodeNotary Dashboard Release 1.1

What’s new in this release:

  • Activity History: a new widget has been added to the main page to allow customers to track and review the list of their activities performed with CodeNotary
  • Assets Export: downloading your list of signed assets is now possible with a simple click on the CodeNotary Dashboard
  • Hide/Show columns: on the MyAssets view, users can now customize the assets’ information displayed on the CodeNotary Dashboard main page
  • KPI summary: seeing all your signed, verified and revoked (coming soon) assets in one view is now immediate, thanks to a new widget

Explore the new features:

Activity History

Keeping track with all the activities you are performed on CodeNotary, is now possible thanks to this new widget. Seeing the last time you logged in or signed a file, give better control over the account.

CodeNotary Activity History Code Signing
Dashboard activity history widget

Export assets details

Collecting data about your assets is even more valuable now that you can export it from CodeNotary and import it in any other tool containing your sales or license information. Exported in CSV format, the most widely used standard, data can be imported in any other tool, from a simple spreadsheet to more complex analysis tool.

CodeNotary Export Code Signing
Dashboard export functionality

Hide/show dashboard columns

CodeNotary manages a lot of valuable data about your assets: name, size, signing data, status, etc. Now you can decide which data is more relevant to you and make sure that it is immediately visible as you login on the dashboard

Dashboard hide/show columns

Your metrics summary

keeping track of your core metrics as an overall number is a good indication of the activities performed on your software, by you or your customers. CodeNotary now provides you this aggregated view in the MyAssets page

Dashboard – KPIs
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